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Glass Etching Testimonials

Dear Martronics:
 You are right. These New stencils work just as good on glass as they do on metal. So now I am using them to Etch Ornaments for Christmas and surprise gifts for our friends. They are simply amazed when we hand them a Beer Mug with their name on it. I think that we are going to start selling them also.
Thanks, Glenn Sheppard, San Francisco, Calif.
 Dear Lisa:
 We just finished etching the last of the Champagne Flutes for our Wedding. They turned out Great and I just wanted to Thank you for all the help in "Talking me thru" the process of etching the glasses. It is really simple once you get the hang of it and the end results are just fabulous. I am so very pleased.
Janet Pollock, Chicago, Ill.
Dear Martronics Corp:
 We are really enjoying our new stencil maker kit and we are finding new uses for it everyday. Thank you for the extra Free sample stencils you gave us to help the students get started. They really came in handy when we started doing several projects at once. We are learning now how to use a stencil on several different projects at a time by changing paint colors and position on a page or sign. This Helps cut costs.
Thanks again, M. Hunter, George Washington School, New York, N.Y.
 Hi Martronics:
 Just a quick email to let you know that we really like your new stencil making kit and we have made several Items that we are now selling at our local Flea Market on Saturdays. The ones that sell best are the glass coffee mugs with dogs of various kinds etched on them. Everyone wants one and we also offer to Etch the Dog's name on each mug which sells like crazy. You'll have to drop by some day and see.
Thanks, John Harper, Dallas, Texas

Metal Etching Testimonials

Just a note to let you know that I have used your Etch-O-Matic for nearly 20 years and these New Stencils are the best thing Yet. They make all of my Custom Knives look professional. Thanks.
John Knight, Los Angeles, Ca.
Dear Etch-O-Matic People:        I'm sorry that my wife found out that the stencils I use in my shop can now be used with Acrylic Paint. Now I am constantly out of stencils so here is my order for another 10 pak of 5"x 6" stencils. I am going to hide these.  Please ship by 2 day air UPS.  Thanks.
Sincerely, Bud Robertson, Dallas, TX.
To Martronics Corporation:
Dear Lisa:
 I used the new stencils to put trademarks on my customer's stainless steel parts and he gave me a $2,000 order right on the spot. Thanks very much for helping me develop the best artwork for the stencils. That really sealed the deal!
Best regards, Charlie Powers, Boise, Idaho

Dear Breta
Many thanks for helping do the artwork on our trademark stencil. I am really pleased with the way it turned out and everyone here thinks I'm a hero. I forgot to tell them that you did most of the work.
Thanks again, George Williams, Las Vegas
Dear Martronics:
Here is another order for a 10 package of 5"x 6" stencils. They are working better than I expected in getting permanent marks on our tools. Now we only lose half as many as before. Oh well, at least we have cut down the loss more than enough to pay for the kit about ten times over and the rate of loss is also still falling. Maybe we will eventually get it stopped completely.
Best regards, Jose Martinez, Miami, Florida
Dear Sirs:
I thought you might want to know that we had to etch an inspection mark in the nose cone of the Space Shuttle. I told them about your little Etch-O-Matic and we tried it. It worked great.
Thanks, Don McKay, Florida
Martronics Corp.
I appreciate your help using the Etch-O-Matic to mark my Chef tools (knives). It cut my losses to zero. Since the cost of my knives was in excess of $2,000.00, the kit was well worth the money.
Sincerely, Philip Pickering, Whitefish, Mt

Craft and Paint Testimonials

Hi Martronics:

Just wanted to let you know that we used one of your fancy new stencils and applied Military Letters and Numbering to an U.S. Army Abrams M-1 Tank using EPOXY Paint.  We know the stencils are NOT designed for that type of paint but it worked Great and saved us a lot of time and hassle.  The Army even liked it.  Thanks,  George O'Brien,  Boston, Ma.

Dear Martronics Corporation:

Thank you for the cool idea on making T-Shirts.  We printed shirts for all of the students that took part in our soccer program this year.  It worked out fine.  Each student simply brought in their own T-Shirt and we screened on the school name and team name in a jiffy.  The students got to watch their shirt being screened and learned a lot.  On the plus side we saved a ton of money that more than paid for the kit on the first use.  Everyone thinks that is Great!                                 Thank You,  Gloria Wilson,  George Washington Elementary, Portland, Oregon

To Martronics Corp.:

We appreciate your telling us about your silkscreen type cardboard box printing stencil system.  It works slick and we are now using it just about once a week to print various info on our cartons and to put our company trademark on most of the larger shipping cartons.  This actually does save money and time even tho we were not really convinced of it in the beginning.  But once we got the hang of it we can do our cartons in minutes and they do look very good. 

Sincerely, Joe Brady, Pres.,  J.P. Nolan & Company, Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Marie:

Thanks for the idea of "blocking off" parts of the stencil so that we can paint different colors without making several stencils.  This sure saves time and does a good job.  The trick is in the non stick tape which comes off easily and does not ruin the stencils.  We appreciate the Tip.  It is hard to find a company now that will actually talk to you on the phone and spend time helping you.                        Thanks again,  Shirley Sanders,  Seattle, Wa.

Dear Martronics,

The only other time I have ever written a company was to complain about a very shoddy product.  So this time I'm writing to tell you how really pleased I am with the new stencil making kit.  I am finding a new use for it almost every time I use it and it is sure fast when you want to put the same design on a lot of fabric at the same time.  In fact it works so well that I have even "conned" my husband into helping me.  He thinks it is fun but he is a little messy with the paint.          Sincerely yours,   Hilda Ronson,  Denver, Colorado


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